Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saraswati Park by Anjali Joseph

Set in Mumbai, Saraswati Park tells the story of a middle-class family. The complexities in their everyday lives and how they go through their journeys, sets this novel apart with a real edge and warm glow.

Mohun and Lakshmi take in their nephew, Ashish for a year while he studies for his degree. Each of them begins to think about their lives and what they yearn for, which inevitably brings about change. The pace is steady throughout, making it a natural and enjoyable read.

The narration is unbiased and we are given the opportunity to see life through the eyes of each character. In addition to this, they are written about with depth. As a result, we are filled with a real sense of satisfaction as they grow during the course of the novel. With Mumbai written about with such elegance, the surroundings tie together wonderfully with the characters.

A stunning debut novel by Anjali Joseph. It will leave echoes in your imagination.

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