Saturday, 24 August 2013

Clover’s Child by Amanda Prowse

The kind of book that will leave you planning your next reading moment! Clover’s Child is set in 60's London.  Dot Simpson is a fun-loving 18 year old girl who loves nothing more than having a laugh with her best friend Barb and enjoying her part-time job in a haberdashery at a well-known department store. One day, she meets Sol, the most exotic person she has ever laid eyes upon and here is where this story begins.

1960's Britain wasn’t the most forgiving. One could even say that it was a crime to fall in love. Dot’s experience and losses leave her aching and lifeless. How will she regain her old self, move on from the past and love the one she is with?

Amanda Prowse has a real gift of writing. Her narration is skillfull – she cleverly switches narration and sympathies for characters will switch. Descriptions are so vivid and characters are written with such soul, that your stomach will ache from laughter at some points and eyes bawling with tears at others. I must add also that the era is captured perfectly.

Not just a love story, but a life story. Soppy at times but with plot twists and an unexpected ending. It will definitely leave you with a book hangover. 

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