Monday, 1 April 2013

Locked On by Tom Clancy

Best described as a political action thriller novel, those who are familiar with Clancy’s style will be pleased to know that ‘Locked On’ is every bit of mystery that his fans know and love.

The novel works with current issues to base the main plot around. There are various sub plots in the novel which will appeal to those who love a challenging read. It has to be said that Clancy’s knowledge of government and international issues are really highlighted in this latest piece; which in turn work well to create intrigue. It manifests itself as a well-researched novel.

Readers of his novels will be familiar with the characters from previous Clancy works. Nevertheless, the characters are described in such depth, that first time readers will also feel that they have known the characters for years. There are also some new heroes and villains in this latest piece which heighten the drama.

Without giving away any of the plots, it should be noted that this book is different than previous ones in that it comments on a different kind of governmental situation and provokes thought.

Full of riveting action and will keep you in suspense throughout. A real gem for Clancy fans.

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