Sunday, 26 June 2011

500 Days of Summer directed by Marc Webb

The title of this film creates much intrigue. Before the film even begins there is suggestion that there is more than meets to the eye to what may seem like just another rom-com. As the narrator tells us "this is not a love story".

The narrator plays an important role in the film. He guides the viewer to follow the story in the correct manner, as an outsider looking in. Much like authorial intrusion in a good novel, the narrator give a voiceover that is ever so slightly biased. Yet, the narrator's presence is not overpowering. Viewers are still able to intererpret and explore scenes in their own manner. In addition to this, the way in which the film plays in flashbacks, with the small help of flashcards with figures to help viewers keep on track, is brilliant. This gives the film a reality edge that makes it so unique. In real life, memories are non-linear and some memories are stronger than others, especially where love and romance are concerned. The film portrays this spot-on and outlines the underlying theme: the relationship between our consciousness and blurred reality when love takes a front seat.

I loved Rachel's role in this film- she is Tom's wise, younger sister who he turns to for advice. The way in which Rachel's character is portrayed: as Tom's consciousness and voice of reason, is excellent. Although the way the film is rolled out in flashbacks mean that we see events in memory form that are replayed in Tom's brain, Rachel's character and the narrator's subtle words remind the viewer that we are meant to look on as outsiders rather than through Tom's eyes.

A beautifully written and acted film. Creative, funny and thought-provoking. Almost everyone will be able to relate to it in some way or another. Finally, the ending is perfect as it suits every type of viewer, not too soppy nor hard-hitting.

"And remember, there is always another season ... maybe Autumn?"

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